Stunningly Beautiful Daughters of Celebrity Parents

Miley Cyrus


Celebrities are known for their looks and charm, so it’s no surprise that some celebs have incredibly beautiful offspring. You might not know it, as some celebrities work hard to shield their children from the spotlight. When these toddling Hollywood tots grow up, however, it’s hard for them to keep their striking good looks a secret.

Can you guess which celebrity parents each of these stunning women are related to? Click through to see the amazing beauty of these celebrity daughters. You might be surprised at some of their parents!

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1. Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson inherited her beauty and her acting chops from mom Goldie Hawn. Hawn’s former husband, Bill Hudson, recently disowned both Kate and her brother Oliver. But it’s not all sad; Kate has a very loving relationship with her mom’s longtime partner and fellow actor, Kurt Russell.

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1. Kate Hudson