It’s Witchcraft! Shocking Behind-the-Scenes Facts about Bewitched

Bewitched is one of the most beloved sitcoms of all times. Its magical witchcraft was adorably packaged in the form of Elizabeth Montgomery’s Samantha, but all was not as it seemed on set.

From the “Tale of Two Darrins” to Samantha’s fake nose-wiggling, here are the secrets behind the delightful Bewitched.

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Samantha’s Nose Wasn’t So Magical


Whenever you heard that little twinkle and saw Samantha wiggle her nose, you knew some sorcery and hijinks were about to go down. The truth is that Elizabeth Montgomery couldn’t actually wiggle her nose (and really, how many of us can?). The movement you see is the actress wiggling her upper lip.

Samantha’s Nose Wasn’t So Magical