Hidden Photos From The Past Finally Revealed By The Government

No Nazi Salute

The past is something that we learn from each and every day. From time to time however, the government feels that they need to protect the public from certain photographic images. These images are hidden away and kept from the people for whatever reasons the government sees fit. Photographs can tell us so much about the past. These 49 photographs have been hidden away from the eyes of the public for some time but they are now finally being shown. Here are 49 hidden photos from the past that have finally been revealed by the government. Some will delight you, some will shock you, but they will all leave you with a sense of wonder.

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1. Kursk

Kursk- the battle of Kursk took place in Kursk, Soviet Union from July 5th, 1943 until August 23rd of the same year. The battle was between the German Army and the Soviet Union and took a huge toll on both armies. The battle was part of World War II and the German offensive was codenamed Operation Citadel. This battle led to the largest armored clash in history at the Battle of Prokhorovka. Kursk was the final strategic offensive that the German Army was able to mount on the Eastern front as their forces were weakening and their battle plans were beginning to fall apart. In this photo, we see a battle weary soldier kissing a cross just before the battle of Kursk begins. He is tired, he is weary, but we can also see the fierce determination in his eyes as he waits.

1. Kursk