50 Celebrity Net Worths That Will Leave You Speechless


Celebrities have the best of the best, from clothes to cars to mansions. The richest celebrities have amassed fortunes that are beyond comprehension. Some stars flaunt their money, while others live a bit more humbly. Can you guess who the richest stars are?

From famous tennis players to athletes to big-name movie stars, these are the celebs with the biggest net worths. You won’t believe how much Muhammad Ali was worth when he passed away.

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Tracy McGrady

Tracy is now a retired baseball player of the minor league and also a former NBA player with a net worth of $80 million. Tracy McGrady was able to sign lucrative contracts with the Orlando Magics as well as the Houston Rockets when his career was at its best. McGrady even signed a contract that was decent during the time when he played in china for the Qingdao Eagles after leaving the NBA and returned briefly. Through these deals he became an incredibly rich NBA star!

Keith Allison

Tracy McGrady